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Access to the most complete market intelligence is the key to making informed real estate decisions.  With a team of 142 research professionals, we are able to garner all of the data to guide our clients towards the best outcomes by understanding – when to act, how to best leverage the other side’s strengths and weaknesses, predictions for future trends, and the competitive landscape.

Tech Locator Matrix

With unprecedented competition for talent and rising costs to do business and live, many of our clients are exploring or capitalizing on alternatives to grow in other parts of the country or world outside of the Bay Area. 

JLL has developed a Tech Locator Matrix to help rank and rate the best cities that match the needs of our clients – providing access to the right talent, at lower costs, and in cities where their companies can thrive.   If your company is considering expanding or relocating functions outside of the Bay Area, the Tech Locator Matrix is a great place to start. 

We can also help vet any city for your specific needs and then complete the full process to acquire a new location and get it up and running there (and benefit some municipal incentives to do so!).