Can We Have Both?

Damn Tara is good.  Once again.  She has a gift for taking seemingly unanswerable dilemmas and making them simple, practical and actionable.  I LOVED this post.  We all have topics in our lives that are seemingly at odds (at least in our own minds) that we desperately want to explore a new path on but don’t know how, are afraid to, or flip flop in our opinion on.  I love her advice on asking not CAN I do both of these things but HOW and then inviting a response.  Inviting a personal response and inviting the images and ideas that come along with it.  Then, I hope, acting on them.  Starting the WE group was one way I’ve sought to marry the idea of having a lucrative career with one that brings me personal fulfillment and meaning.  What can you bring together in yours?

- Julia