Nice Women Finish First When They Ask The Right Questions

What an excellent article to lead into our next event...the Mini Communication Boot Camp (see Future Events). In our business my effectiveness is a direct result of my ability to bring two sides together and to convince the other (Landlord) side why they should agree to what my side's (Tenant) needs and wants.  Achieving the best results for my clients is my top professional priority while a commitment to contribute positively to everyone I encounter is a personal intention of mine.  I haven't come across much on how to be both a good, kind, ethical person while also getting what you want out of an exchange, particularly in a business context, though I intuitively believe this is not only possible but critical. Great communicators and leaders are great because they know how to both listen and express themselves in ways that facilitate cooperation (towards their desired outcome).   I was inspired by the below and really look forward to learning more about being a better communicator on February 23. We hope you can join us!

- Julia

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