Mindfulness Meditation

I’ve had a nagging feeling in the back of my mind for years that I need to meditate but kept telling myself that #1 I don’t have time #2 my mind is too cluttered and #3 I “meditate” while in motion and get stress relief from being active and being outdoors not from sitting still which I hate to do.  Then I read the book “The War of Art” which is amazing and I highly recommend (by Steven Pressfield and NOT to be confused with Sun Tzu’s the Art of War) and finally faced the fact that the things we are most putting off or perhaps most terrified of doing are EXACTLY what we need to do and we need to force ourselves to do immediately.  So, I just stated meditating.   I’ll report back on my findings once a little more time has gone by, but I have found pretty immediately a change in the background level of general anxiety and it’s pretty awesome.  This article has a few ideas, not surprisingly with meditation being #1.

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